I’m rediscovering the world and myself since my autism diagnosis. Learning a lot about Autism (still a lot to learn) and finding that lots of my little quirks are often ‘Symptoms’ of Autism. I think i made need to change the name of my blog, as its no longer a road to recovery. I had thought that I had nervous breakdown in 2013 and have been trying to get back to how i was before then. Since my diagnosis I’ve discovered that how i was being and reacting to a lot of things in life was me ‘masking’ or ‘camouflaging’.

I’ve always known that I see the world differently to others and previously when i have said things I’ve either been ridiculed or put down. So haven’t said anything for years and copied how other people react, but now I need to learn myself and the world all over again and to accept and allow myself to feel the way I do.

So Maybe it I should rename my blog “Rediscovering the world” or “Me and Autism”, “My autism journey”.

I should have my final autism assessment by July 2018. Which will make it a year and a half to fully, pin down the challenges and hardships I face, hopefully making things a bit easier.


2 thoughts on “Changes?….

  1. Lovely thoughts and I love the prospective names for your blog. A name change sounds like a good idea – moving forward along your road to new adventures and discoveries and not looking back to the harder times.

    We’ve all had to learn things this past year and so many things I wish I could go back and change. Now though its time to move forward and make new memories that are even better. Lots of love to you and here’s to the future xxx

  2. I love the name ‘Rediscovering the World’. It sounds so upbeat and full of adventure and discovery. You have no need to put on face or act a part anymore. You can shout out I AM MIKEY! Take it or leave it. Everyone who knows you will be clapping and shouting hooray.
    And you will say Keep the noise down. Haha

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