Hearing aid update

Well I had a hearing aid fitted 3 days ago on my right ear, and wow i’ve noticed a huge difference already. I didn’t realise how bad my hearing was, hearing all sorts of different ‘new’ sounds. Still learning all the new wonderful sounds. Some sounds are already getting on my nerves.lol (The fridge motor being one of them).

Is a huge adjustment, will have to go back to the hospital every 3 months from here on out. But nothing i cant handle, hopefully. In 3 months time the Audiology department want to fit another hearing aid on my left ear. My left ear has always had the best hearing, but even in the short time i’ve had the hearing aid, i’ve noticed that the hearing in my left ear isnt as good as i thought. So maybe once i have both i’ll be able to hear the world in stereo, scary thought.lol

Will take me awhile to get to used to wearing it, think that’s why they want to fit the other one in 3 months time. Feels strange having something in my ear all the time, and does sometimes get a little sore, but from what i’ve read and been told, is perfectly normal as its my ear shaping around the hearing aid and it will get used to it.

The ‘new’ sounds and my anxiety don’t really go well together. but at least when i’m having a panic over something I can hear I can put it down to being able to hear it now and hopefully will help my anxiety in some ways as will be able to hear things better so wont be as scared on the louder noises.

Still a lot to learn, another long road ahead of me.


Tinnitus & Hearing loss…

Well new year and new problems, although hopefully on track to get it eased.

Been to see an ENT Specialist (Ear, nose and throat)  at the Royal Bolton Hospital. As i’ve had ringing in my ears since i hit my head back in 2013. Didn’t go well.

Having to have an MRI scan, as Doc things the bump to the head, might have shaken things up and the ear canals may have moved or been damaged, hoping not, but having the scan to rule it out.

They also did a hearing test and found i have moderate hearing loss in the left ear and severe hearing loss in the right ear. Normal hearing range is 0-20 decibels, I scored 35 in my left and 60 in the right ear. So will need a Hearing aid on my right side, which will be fitted in the coming weeks. Am not allowed to have a silent room, gotta have a radio/music/tv on in each room i go into, to help ease the Tinnitus and gotta have a special sound box to help with me falling to sleep.