My Bucket List

I will continue to add to these and they are in no particular order or preference.
If anyone can help me achieve any of these please get in touch, Help would be appreciated. I know so these will not be possible, but there things that i’d really enjoy doing and want to do.

– Follow a Fire Crew on a shift and see how they work
– Couple/uncouple some carriages of a train (not many people have done it, and ive always wanted to)
– Go Wall Climbing
– Go Abseiling
– Have a ride in the front of the train/cab ride
– Drive a Double Decker bus
– Buy and own a Double Decker Bus
– Have a behind the scenes tour of a working Train Depot
– Get up close and have a look round steam engines
– Have a Guided tour around a London underground Tube train (see the bits Customers don’t)
– Have a behind the Scenes tour of a working Bus Depot
– Have a ride in the Cab of a HGV
– Ride a Motor-cross Bike
– Ride a motorcycle (not pillion)
– Pass my CBT License test and get a Scooter
– Big motorsport fan, love to go behind the seen s during a race.
– Be a passenger in a car going round a skidpan.
– Go to a Theatre and see a Musical
– Go on a cruise ship holiday
– Fly an extreme kite (the 2 handed one’s.)

– People I’d like to meet:
* Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff
* Max George (The Wanted)
* Michael buble
*Duncan James (Blue)
* Jenson Button
* Bette Midler
* Dolly Parton
* Channing Tatum
* James Kingston
* Russell Howard

– Places I’d like to visit:
* Sydney Australia
* San Francisco
* Hawaii
* An Active Volcano
* Stand on top of a Fault Line

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  3. I’ve been in a HGV cab when I worked for Frans Maas. It was several years ago now but enjoyed it immensely. But firms have to have insurance for their wagons and they only cover drivers not passengers. Try writing to Stobarts and ask if you can have a ride in their yard there is no harm in asking xxx j

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